With over two decades of experience in automotive engineering, Jetour is a Chinese-based automobile group that is globally recognized for its impressive portfolio of self-owned and joint-venture brands. The company’s independent subsidiaries cater to particular brands of vehicle segments in the market, including JETOUR and Karry, with a focus on evolving the technological aspect of their marques.
Jetour’s latest brand is a testament to their commitment to building a world-class brand that stands out in the automotive industry. The company’s goal is to diversify its business by manufacturing the best Chinese SUV models. The brand’s name, ‘Jet’ + ‘Tour,’ is derived from the Mandarin language, meaning ‘convenient’ and ‘travel,’ respectively. JETOUR represents the company’s vision to manufacture SUV models that provide a convenient journey to passengers.

Designed to be stylish, unique, intelligent, spacious, and multi-functional, JETOUR is the perfect choice for those who desire modern technology, comfort, adventure, and affordable luxury. The company is committed to creating the best Chinese luxury cars, covering SUV/MPV/EV, at an affordable price.