With a history of 156 years, Changan Automobile has 34 years of experience in auto-making. Changan has 16 production bases and 35 vehicle and engine plants globally, and 10 key overseas markets.
Changan is among Top 4 Chinese automobile groups. In 2014, total production and sales of Changan-branded vehicles exceeded 10 million. Changan’s production and sales volume in 2016 hit 3,000,000 units. By March of 2018, Changan-branded vehicle users have exceeded 16 million.
In the intelligent vehicle field, Changan Automobile has mastered over 100 technologies in intelligent connectivity, intelligent interaction, and intelligent driving.
Amid the most, challenging period in the local auto industry, Changan Motor Philippines, Inc. (CMPI), the official distributor of Changan vehicles, made a strong debut with the introduction of five new models loaded with above-class technology and safety features.