The Ride with Max More: Full Maxus G50 lineup subjected to ultimate ‘Family Test’ in media drive


For four activity-filled days from March 29 to April 1, members of the Philippine motoring media and content creators participated in a ride-and-drive of the Maxus G50 compact MPV on a route from Manila to Subic. The event showcased the key features, highlights, and competitive advantages of the Maxus G50 enjoyed by actual owners—family-oriented and business-minded consumers looking for that multi-purpose vehicle that performs well on any occasion, be it as a daily transporter or for business and leisure trips with enough space and power to bring along the extended family. The event was carefully structured to allow the participants to experience the exceptional space, comfort, versatility, and convenience of all the variants—the Premium, Elite, Pro, and the newest addition to the roster, the Comfort—in various road conditions (city and country roads, highways and tollways), as well as the safety features and numerous amenities of the MPV in a special controlled driving area away from public roads.

The drive to Subic highlighted the G50 variants’ safety features, spacious 8-passenger seating capacity, as well as the power and fuel efficiency of the turbocharged gasoline engine that would make the vehicle the ideal MPV to carry the entire immediate family, and even extended members and their luggage on out-of-town trips. The various road conditions along the way also demonstrated such features as the cruise control, infotainment and radio, and the easy maneuverability and stability, especially during cornering, along the winding country roads.
A walkabout of the Premium, Elite, Pro and Comfort variants also highlighted the convenient and functional features of each variant:
● The G50 Comfort line featured versatile seating configuration, and luggage space demonstrating the ease of access and spaciousness the G50 offered for both family and business use. The elegant yet functional overall design of the G50 is matched with standard safety features such as Electronic Stabilisation Program (ESP) and rear parking sensors;● The G50 Pro highlighted the variant’s attention to driver comfort and convenience, with its multifunction leather steering wheel, rear camera, keyless entry and push start, electronic parking brake with auto hold, cruise control, and infotainment radio with 8-inch touchscreen;● The G50 Elite showed participants even more exceptional amenities for drivers and passengers, such as Auto A/C, 360-degree camera, 12-inch touchscreen radio, and roof rail, expanding even further the versatility, capacity, and all-around functionality of the compact MPV;● The G50 Premium boasted the full-on features of the model’s top-of-the-line variant, such as the electric adjust front seats, panoramic sunroof, power tailgate, side airbag, power folding exterior mirror and LED headlamps. Ultimately showcasing how this variant packs in more features, amenities, and safety systems more than any MPV in its vehicle and price segment at a comparable cost of a subcompact MPV.

During the drive activities held within the controlled area, the Premium variant was used to show the G50’s parking sensors, reverse and 360 cameras—enhancing the variant’s full-featured offerings for every member of the family. The Elite variant demonstrated the Electronic Brake Assist (EBA), Electronic Stabilisation Program (ESP), and Traction Control showing the vehicle’s stability and control during cornering and emergency braking. The Elite also showed the ease of use of the reverse camera and light steering in tight quarters—features that come in handy for drivers getting their G50s out of small spaces and cramped garages. The Comfort’s EBA was also highlighted in maneuvers applying emergency braking during cornering, and the ESP showed the variant’s ease of control and stability when cornering—features that truly prioritize the safety and comfort for every occupant and member of the family, wherever they may be positioned in the vehicle.

The Maxus G50 Comfort 1.3-liter MT is the latest addition to the roster of G50 models in Maxus Philippines’ lineup, with its SRP of just P948,000, is the gateway variant for hardworking Filipinos and their families to experience the modern styling, power and efficiency, spacious interior, versatility, and safety of the G50 that comes in a complete compact MPV package but priced like a subcompact MPV, truly a value-for-money proposition. The other G50 variants are offered at the following SRPs: The G50 Pro 1.5-liter at P1,179,000; the G50 Elite 1.5-liter at P1,259,000, and; the full-featured G50 Premium 1.5-liter at P1,338,000.  All G50 variants come with the exceptional 5 VehiCare Programs--5-year warranty or 100,000 kms, whichever comes first; 5-year free 24/7 emergency roadside assistance; reliable parts management system and parts stock for up to five months; onsite and virtual product support with home service and pick-up and delivery; and maintenance costs that are 40% lower compared to other brands for the first five years.

The Maxus brand is renowned for its 126-year British heritage, evolving into a global collaboration that has produced reliable MPVs, pick-ups, and SUVs.
Maxus Philippines carries a roster of six models showcased in all its 9 dealerships strategically located nationwide, which, including its soon-to-open Davao dealership, will soon expand to 12 within the 3rd quarter of 2022.