The Maxus T60’s so nice, he’s about to Max twice!


Not even a persistent pandemic could stop Nino Sinco, retired University lecturer and now a part-time businessman and archery coach, from enjoying the on- and off-road capabilities of his Maxus T60 pickup.
Nino, who bought his T60 in October 2020, attests to the versatility, toughness, and ease of driving of the pickup truck “considering its body weight and its engine efficiency,” he observed. He describes his T60’s performance as consistently exceptional regardless of the road conditions, especially when the vehicle is put to its primary purpose of hauling the cargo of his part-time business, as well as transporting archery targets and stands needed in his coaching sessions. The T60’s upsized dimensions certainly provide Nino better comfort and capabilities to carry cargo in varying sizes and quantities whenever and wherever Nino needs. Indeed, the T60 quickly adapts as required, based on the demands of the situation.

Nino is so impressed with his T60 that he’s considering buying another one. This time, he says, “for my daughter’s pet shop business.” Nino and his daughter realize that owning an all-around light commercial vehicle that can cater to both their home and business requirements just makes a lot of sense, and the T60 presents itself as the most reliable, dependable, and cost-efficient vehicle option.  That being said, Nino isn’t at all fazed by Maxus Philippines being a relative newcomer in the local automotive scene. In fact, Nino points out that like all other Maxus models, the T60 pick-up has been infused with 126 years of British-bred heritage and experience in vehicles, which means that customers are assured of the dependable quality and engine power of every Maxus vehicle, all the while being cost-efficient to its consumers. The Maxus brand itself is managed in the Philippines by AC Motors, the automotive distribution, and a retail group of Ayala subsidiary AC Industrials, which led him to purchase a number of vehicles that are distributed and serviced by AC Motors. This level of excellence in management has given Nino the assurance that he is indeed in good hands and boosted his confidence to invest in the same model twice. 

The home servicing of Maxus Philippines dealerships reinforced the trust of Nino when he needed his T60’s battery serviced at home, exclaiming that “Maxus technicians promptly came to the house to diagnose and fix the problem. They were awesome!” The T60 pickup, like all other Maxus models, is topped off with the Max quality, efficiency, and convenience of its aftersales products, services, and worry-free ownership highlighted by a 5-year warranty (or 100,000 km whichever comes first) and periodic maintenance service (PMS) interval schedule of the first 5,000 km and every succeeding 15,000 km (or once a year, whichever comes first). And more than that, Maxus Philippines also offers a 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance (ERA). This remarkable aftersales service by Maxus truly gives the value for money that its hardworking owners deserve.