Smart Technology + Energy-Absorbing Caged Body: JAECOO J7 Crafts a Global 5-Star Off-Road Safety Standard


No matter how far automotive evolution progresses, safety remains a paramount concern. The JAECOO J7, a masterful creation dedicated to balancing off-road performance with safety intelligence, not only inherits classic off-road robustness but also establishes an unprecedented level of driving safety.

Energy-Absorbing Caged Space Capsule Protecting Every Passenger
Crafted to meet global 5-Star safety standards, the J7 innovatively features an energy-absorbing caged space capsule structure. Compared to traditional vehicle body constructions, the J7's caged design offers a core advantage of being lightweight, strong, and generously composed, enveloping passengers like a "steel cocoon." This significantly enhances the energy absorption and support capabilities during various collision scenarios, effectively maintaining cabin integrity and minimizing occupant injuries.
The J7's large-scale dual-impact beams nearly span the entire front of the vehicle, maximizing passenger protection. Its "5 vertical and 3 horizontal" body frame structure forms multiple collision force channels, creating a more scientifically sound force distribution path. This design effectively disperses and absorbs impacts during collisions, preventing excessive deformation of the passenger cabin.Moreover, the J7's body composition exceeds 80% high-strength steel, with a roof compression load capacity of 5.11 and a torsional rigidity of 23,000 Nm/deg. It can withstand nearly 8 tons of pressure without deformation. This formidable structure not only ensures superior overall safety but also enhances driving performance to a certain extent.
Worth mentioning, the J7 utilizes an integrated composite stamping door frame, significantly strengthening the structural integrity against side impacts. Coupled with the protection of 10 airbags, every passenger in the vehicle is comprehensively safeguarded in emergencies, ensuring a comfortable driving and secure riding experience, achieving "5-Star protection."

Smart Technology Enhancing Active Safety at the Forefront

Beyond its "mobile fortress-like" body structure, the active safety system is also pivotal in constructing the J7's "360° all-around safety assurance." The J7 employs a multi-functional front-view camera, two millimeter-wave radars, and a long-range millimeter-wave radar, providing a full-dimensional, high-precision sensing system for driving assistance, akin to endowing the J7 with eyes that survey its surroundings.
Thanks to robust hardware support, the J7's ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) intelligently adapts to all scenarios of user travel "pain

points." It is equipped with nearly 20 advanced intelligent driving assistance technologies, helping users promptly respond to emergent situations.
Features like BSD (Blind Spot Detection), AEB (Active Emergency Braking), DOW (Door Opening Warning), RCTA (Rear Cross Traffic Alert) enable users to quickly and accurately recognize complex surroundings and react in time, significantly reducing accident risks.
LKA (Lane Keeping Assist), IES (Intelligent Evasion System for Large Vehicles), ELK (Emergency Lane Keeping), RCW (Rear Collision Warning), TSR (Traffic Sign Recognition), and ICA (Integrated Cruise Assist) preemptively sense potential environmental risks during the drive, preventing hazards before they occur.

"From Classic, Beyond Classic," JAECOO’s unwavering commitment is to provide high-quality off-road products. For this, JAECOO persists in deep independent research, climbing new heights in urban off-road intelligent safety through technological innovation, creating a newer, smarter, and safer off-road experience for users.