Kia Now Offering Fleet Vehicles Through Kia Corporate Care

Ready to Inspire Companies and Businesses


(MANILA) January 18, 2022 – The South Korean car brand continues to make waves in the country and it’s showing no signs of planning to stop anytime soon. After inspiring individuals with the successful launch of the Stonic, the revamp of the Kia brand, and the launch of the all-new Sorento, Kia now gears to create more movement that inspires in the business and corporate world.
Kia Philippines presents Kia Corporate Care—now ready to serve and drive businesses to new heights through tailor-fit transportation solutions. For companies who may be planning to build a fleet or offer car plans to their valued personnel, Kia Corporate Care is here to provide award-winning vehicles paired with exceptional services.

Vehicles with Globally-Recognized Quality, Performance, and Style
With Kia Corporate Care, companies can rest assured that they’re getting top-notch vehicles that have been recognized by prestigious award-giving bodies all over the world: J.D. Power and World Car Awards which assesses quality and performance, Euro NCAP which evaluates vehicle safety, Red Dot Award and iF Design Award which rates style and design, and more!
The world-class Kia models primarily being offered as fleet vehicles are:
Kia SolutoThe ideal everyday workhorse. Designed and engineered to be the dependable fleet vehicle for companies in industries such as engineering, pharmaceuticals, insurance, etc. Cruising in and out of the daily grind in this stylish sedan will surely inspire the employees of these companies: engineers, sales agents, medical representatives, and more. Boost their morale and performance with Kia Soluto.
Kia StonicIdeal for companies in media, entertainment, marketing, public relations, and other similar industries. Perfect for personnel in positions that require extra flair: PR officers, brand managers, supervisors, etc. With the award-winning Stonic as their daily companion, they’ll be able to represent the businesses and companies they work for even better!
Kia K2500The certified commercial vehicle of the South Korean car brand. Built to haul people, products, supplies, and other goods essential to businesses. Dependability, durability, and customizability are just some of its many strengths. It comes in different variants with different functions to effectively and efficiently serve the heavy transportation needs of companies in industries such as construction, farming, FMCG, public transportation, delivery services, and more.
All other Kia models are also available to serve as company vehicles. There are compact crossovers such as the Seltos, high-performance sedans such as the Forte, and premium SUVs such as the all-new Sorento which are ideal for C-level executives and other valued members deserving a reward. Companies can enjoy all the services these vehicles can provide through Kia Corporate Care.

After-Sales Services That Offer Peace of Mind
Kia Corporate Care is aiming to build a solid reputation as one of the top transportation-solutions providers in the country. That’s why its stylish and dependable fleet offerings are packaged with premium after-sales support. Their goal is to keep businesses worry-free, so they can focus on moving and inspiring customers, partners, and other people.
Here are the after-sales perks that companies can enjoy by choosing Kia Corporate Care:
5-Year or 160,000 kms Warranty This generous warranty period is longer than what’s being offered by most car brands. And a longer coverage means longer peace of mind.
24/7 Roadside AssistanceDuring unforeseen events on the road, companies and employees can stay calm with services such as emergency towing, minor onsite repair, and more. 24/7 Roadside Assistance is also free for 5 years.
The only exception is the K2500 which comes with a 3-year warranty and 3 years free 24/7 Roadside Assistance.

Nationwide Network of Service CentersKia has service centers all over the country, always ready to serve. Companies and their personnel can easily reach Kia for all those maintenance needs.
Readily Available Spare PartsOur sizeable inventory of maintenance, mechanical, and collision parts allows for reduced downtime. And should there be other parts that need to be shipped from abroad, our reliable shipping partner will deliver them within 7 days.

Customized Packages Tailored According to Business Needs
Perhaps the most compelling reason for businesses to partner up with Kia Corporate Care is the brand’s willingness to adjust to the specific needs of companies and corporate groups.
Kia Corporate Care develops fleet packages that will match the exact transportation requirements of different companies. What they need is what they get, nothing more and nothing less. Flexible financing options are also made available. Kia Corporate Care promises to provide all these in the most time-saving way, with all the details taken cared of to keep the process smooth and efficient. For busy businesses with little precious time to spare, that’s definitely a deal-breaker.

Backed By a Distributor Companies Can Trust
Kia is distributed by AC Motors, Ayala Corporation’s automobile business company and one of the largest multi-brand vehicle distribution groups in the Philippines. It partnered with the South Korean car brand back in 2019 to give Filipinos better automotive products. Now, these two global brands are coming together to drive businesses to greater distances with Kia Corporate Care.
Ayala Corporation holds all the brands it handles to the highest standards. Businesses can rest assured that a partnership with Kia Corporate Care ensures the quality of service in all aspects.
By the looks of it, Kia Philippines is poised to make big waves in the commercial realm this 2022. Feeling inspired to let Kia Corporate Care take care of your business? Learn more or reach out through this link: