JMC’s Pickup Mastery: Reigning in China,
Ready to Rule in the Philippines


Manila, Philippines | 22 February 2024 – JMC (Jiangling Motors Corporation) has established its reign in China, penetrating an automotive dynasty of pickups in a competitive market. Signifying a strategic expansion into the Philippines with Astara as its exclusive distributor, the brand’s narrative of global triumph endures. They are set to offer the Filipino people a glimpse of the legacy that precedes JMC’s official launch in the country.

Legacy of Success
JMC has established itself as a leading player in the Chinese pickup trucks market, achieving an impressive 23% market share in a competitive segment. Since its first vehicle assembly in 1968, JMC has commanded growth and development across all facets of its business from manufacturing, distribution, sales, and service. The brand's pickup models have not only conquered market share; they have redefined expectations, earning accolades for their performance, reliability, and design. JMC’s pickups have pioneered size advantage in the industry, able to serve customer needs with greater hauling capacity. They are the only Chinese commercial vehicle manufacturer with joint ventures with two Fortune Global 500 companies, establishing its mastery in producing pickups, a benchmark for excellence in the industry.

“At the heart of JMC's pickup mastery is our commitment to innovation and offering the best value to our customers. As one of the leaders in the pickup truck segment, we aim to take the JMC brand to the next level, offering Filipinos a cutting-edge choice for quality and versatility,” JMC Philippines Brand Head Arlan Reyes shared.

JMC's Lineup Over the Years:
The brand’s distinguished line of pickups unfolds a story of engineering finesse, evolution, and innovation. In 2001, JMC launched its first pickup vehicle with independent intellectual property rights, the JMC “Boarding”. Driven by an adaptation of a rich R&D background, the pickup truck rivaled the quality of imported vehicles at the time, becoming a marvel of Chinese craftsmanship and quality. Fuel-efficient and comfortable, it continues to receive upgrades and innovations, becoming a top-selling model in China for several years.


A visual odyssey showcasing the remarkable Evolution of the JMC Boarding – a testament to enduring quality and innovation.

JMC introduced a new era of excellence with the “Vigus”. The vehicle’s first generation was released as a response to the pickup market meeting greater demands, especially with the rise of technological advancements in the industry. Launched in 2012, the Vigus was poised as the brand’s high-end offering, adapting a striking design language matched with plush and comfortable interiors. Designed for power and comfort, the vehicle became a great hit, with succeeding variants and generations upgraded, meeting the demands for new features in every release. 


A captivating journey through JMC's Vigus lineup, featuring Classic, Vigus 7, Vigus 5, Vigus 3, Vigus Pro, and the groundbreaking Vigus Plus models, exemplifying a legacy of innovation and automotive excellence.

Above all, JMC’s flagship model launched in 2023, the “Grand Avenue” or the “Dadao” as known in China, positions itself greater than a utility vehicle. It is a multifunctional driver packed with the latest technology and impressive engine power. The pickup is an engineering marvel, introducing a new platform with a large wheelbase, developed for strength and agility, maximizing performance. 


The JMC Grand Avenue

Every vehicle shares a chapter of the brand’s legacy, a narrative of its global vision to be the best partner of smart mobility, offering the best companion on the road.

Continuity in the Philippines
Poised to introduce a new chapter of conquering the country’s pickup segment, JMC looks forward to offering Filipino drivers an immersive experience of quality and service as it launches all-new models. Backed by a time-tested legacy of success, the Astara-backed JMC venture into the country is bound to drive progress in transforming mobility.

Promise of Legacy for Filipino Drivers:
Beyond introducing new vehicles, JMC’s entry into the Philippines is about sharing the brand’s rich legacy, promising a fresh and new driving experience driven by its heritage and engineering marvels for enduring reliability. JMC’s newest offerings are not solely meant to meet expectations. Its craftsmanship, technology, and performance are geared to impress, elevating the driving and ownership experience.

“JMC’s story encompasses progress, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Their legacy enables us to continue transforming the future of mobility in the country. We can’t wait to share with you brand-new models that are about to conquer Philippine roads.” Reyes shared.