JMC Teases Game-Changing Pickups, Unveiling Power and Dependability


Manila, Philippines | 12 March 2024 – JMC (Jiangling Motors Corporation) is set to disrupt the automotive landscape with a sneak peek into the future of pickups – the Grand Avenue. This upcoming addition to the JMC family is not just a pickup, but rather a powerhouse, flaunting competitive advantages that make it the biggest in its class. With one of the mightiest engines in its segment, the Grand Avenue is gearing up to redefine the future of mobility. JMC’s newest flagship is all about unleashing an automotive force that combines power, strength, dependability, and a whole lot of excitement. Buckle up as the Grand Avenue takes the lead, promising to set the bar higher for innovation and performance in the world of pickups.

Venturing beyond aesthetics, the Grand Avenue transcends the visual allure of its striking exterior. Beyond the bold grill, large headlamps, and robust stance, this pickup stands tall as one of the largest in its class. Its generous load capacity harmoniously coexists with a commitment to providing unparalleled comfort and expansive space for passengers. Under the hood, the Grand Avenue roars to life with its turbo-charged diesel engine, delivering a punch that resonates on every conquered road. JMC's flagship pickup is a meticulously engineered vehicle, balancing maximum performance and fuel efficiency, ensuring safe and comfortable journeys with its robust body and suspension.

Inside the pickup, the driver and passengers are greeted by the Grand Avenue’s elegant interiors, with every detail crafted with premium materials. The vehicle also packs the latest technology & safety features, ensuring driver and passenger confidence in every ride. As a vehicle that defines JMC’s pursuit of excellence, it perfectly combines power, comfort, and versatility in a premium package.

Guided by its commitment to excellence, JMC proudly introduces a groundbreaking Lifetime Engine Warranty that transcends the ordinary. In a league of its own, JMC is the sole brand in the country to provide this unparalleled program, solidifying its unwavering commitment not just to delivering powerful vehicles but also to ensuring enduring reliability for the long haul.

Joining the ranks in the JMC Philippines pickup lineup is the Vigus, a versatile and fuel-efficient daily driver, offering the best value, best suited for business fleet needs. It provides ample power, delivering performance, space, comfort, and style in a complete and affordable package.

“We are ready to meet the demand for cutting-edge pickups in the country. The launch of our new models brings better options into the market, offering Filipinos a choice for performance, efficiency, and comfort with the best value for money. Backed by the support of Astara Philippines, JMC is ready to kick off a prosperous journey in the Philippines.” JMC Philippines Brand Head Arlan Reyes shared.

JMC Philippines is set to officially launch its newest lineup of pickups at the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) on April 4-7.