Isuzu Philippines unveils the New 2024 Isuzu mu-X:
A Masterpiece of Safety, Convenience, and Luxury


March 7, 2024 - Manila, Philippines – Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) proudly announces the launch of the new 2024 Isuzu mu-X, a flawless combination of robust engineering and exclusive design, ready to "TAKE THE LEAD" in the SUV market. This latest iteration of the beloved mu-X model is set to redefine the standards for safety, convenience, and driving pleasure, solidifying Isuzu's legacy in the segment.

The design concept harmoniously blends 'Robust' and 'Exclusive,' attributes that are emblematic of Isuzu's identity. Known for its durability, reliability, fuel efficiency, and safety, the mu-X also introduces an element of exclusivity with its superior design and the unique ownership experience it offers, making it an irresistible choice for both business professionals and families across the country.

Elevated Safety and Smart Driving Experience

Highlighting its commitment to enhancing driver and passenger safety, the new mu-X is equipped with an innovative Around View Monitor (AVM). This state-of-the-art system utilizes multiple cameras strategically positioned around the vehicle to provide a 360-degree view, significantly reducing blind spots and aiding in safer navigation through tight spaces and during parking maneuvers – an essential for the meticulous urban driver.

In an industry-first, the mu-X introduces a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with the capability to record continuously for up to 11 hours on a 64GB microSD card. This feature ensures enhanced security and peace of mind for the driver with its dual or single view replay and proximity recording across all four cameras, appealing to those who value security and sophistication in their vehicle of choice.

Unmatched Convenience for the Discerning Driver

Connectivity and convenience are also at the forefront of the new mu-X's design. With wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, drivers can effortlessly connect their smartphones to the mu-X's 10.1-inch infotainment system for navigation, music, and more. Additionally, the inclusion of wireless offers a seamless way to keep devices powered up on the go. Now, you don’t have to worry about bringing your charging cables, simply place any compatible phone at the designated tray and it will charge on its own.

Power and Performance That Inspire Confidence

Powered by the reliable 4JJ3-TCX 3.0-liter Blue Power engine, the new mu-X delivers 190PS of maximum power and 450N-m of torque, providing confidence on the road and the power needed for weekend getaways. Its exceptional durability and fuel efficiency make it the perfect companion for both the urban landscape and rugged terrain, appealing to the adventurous spirit of luxury buyers and business professionals alike.

A Commitment to Excellence

Isuzu's dedication to safety is further underscored by the mu-X's 5-Star Safety rating by the ASEAN NCAP brought its comprehensive Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) with SMART DUO Camera, the Isuzu mu-X leads its segment in safety and technology, offering a true value proposition for those seeking the ultimate in luxury SUVs.

The Ultimate Driving Experience

Designed to attract a more affluent and discerning market, the new 2024 Isuzu mu-X is more than just an SUV; it's an experience, ready to elevate every journey. It’s a vehicle that not only meets but exceeds expectations, designed to deliver the ultimate driving experience, and stimulate the adventurous spirit of its customers.

"The new Isuzu mu-X is a statement of pride and pleasure in ownership, designed to inspire and empower its customers to explore endless horizons," said IPC President Tetsuya Fujita. "With its perfect blend of safety, convenience, and performance, the mu-X is set to continue Isuzu's legacy of excellence and innovation."

Experience the pinnacle of smart luxury driving with the new 2024 Isuzu mu-X. Log-on to or visit the nearest Isuzu dealership to discover more.