Hariphil Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI): Revolutionizing Filipino Commuting Through Modern Jeepney Excellence


In their continuous pursuit of progress and excellence in public transport, Filipinos have found a steadfast partner in Hariphil Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI). The fusion of advanced Korean technology with Filipino ingenuity has established HARI as the first and only recipient of the Department of Transportation (DOTr) Certificate of Compliance (COC) for Modern Jeepney Class 2, 3, and 4, in accordance with the Philippine National Standards (PNS).

This accolade underscores HARI as a pioneer in transforming the commuting landscape, heralding a new era of modern jeepneys that not only enhance the daily commute, but also align seamlessly with government initiatives at elevating industry standards.


Photo of the Hyundai HD50S Class 2 Modern Jeepney

Leading the charge is the Hyundai HD50S Class 2 Modern Jeepney, designed to meet the demands of modern urban commuting. With its 2.9-liter Euro 4-compliant direct-injection CRDi diesel engine, this Class 2 Jeepney offers superior fuel efficiency, reliability, and cleaner emissions. Boasting a 3460-mm wheelbase for enhanced stability and power-to-weight ratio, along with roof-mounted air conditioning, the Class 2 Jeepney ensures a comfortable and efficient journey for passengers and operators alike.


Hyundai HD50S Class 3 Modern Jeepney


Hyundai HD50S Class 4 Modern Jeepney

In addition the HD50S Class 3 and Class 4 Modern Jeepneys, each tailored to meet specific transportation needs, both offering an expansive interior and a new seat layout to accommodate passengers comfortably. The Class 3 Jeepney can comfortably sit 22+1 in its front-facing layout, while the Class 4 Jeepney offers the same but with the inclusion of a spacious interior, ample legroom, and a generous cargo compartment for inter-city routes.

Interior photos of the Hyundai Modern Jeepney

Beyond its impeccable design and functionality, the models prioritize passenger comfort and safety. Featuring large windows for optimal visibility, spacious seating arrangements with passengers, and robust construction that meets PNS requirements.
Beyond pioneering the industry, the company has strategically addressed the long-term needs of the PUV modernization program. Hyundai launched the Call for Service Inspection (CSI) program to simplify maintenance for commercial vehicles. This initiative serves as a direct link to highly trained technicians, guaranteeing timely maintenance and services. Customers benefit from high-quality aftersales services through a nationwide network of Hyundai Truck and Bus dealerships, staffed by competent technicians. The program prioritizes reducing operational downtime in both dealerships and onsite, enhancing vehicle reliability and ensuring fleet mobility. This forward-thinking approach not only boosts reliability but also supports the industry's sustainability.

As the forerunner in modern jeepney technology, HARI remains steadfast in its mission to drive progress and elevate the standards of Philippine transportation industry. With its innovative approach and continuous improvement in design, further advancement in technology, and unwavering commitment to excellence, the Hyundai Modern Jeepney is not just a vehicle - it's a symbol of progress, transforming the way Filipinos commute and inspiring a brighter future for generations to come.

“The MPUV program extends beyond merely updating the fleet of jeepneys; it signifies a step towards progress and underscores the Filipino entrepreneurial spirit. Through this program, Hyundai is committed to supporting the whole initiative. Our products and services are designed to ensure that everyone participating in the MPUV program is supported. We are proud to be a part of this journey, supporting the nation's drive towards the future,” says HARI President and CEO Maria Fe Perez-Agudo.
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