From Classic, Beyond Classic: JAECOO Narrates a New Urban
Off-Road Story through Intelligent Innovation

In 2023, at the Shanghai International Auto Show, JAECOO, as an emerging off-road brand, instantly captivated global attention. Its first urban off-road model, the J7, broke through the brand barriers of off-road SUVs with its guiding philosophy of "From Classic, Beyond Classic," prompting the global market to reevaluate the unique allure of a new era of off-road SUVs.
In the past, classic luxury off-road brands dominated niche markets, setting the rules of the off-road marketplace. However, with the advent of global automotive market's shift towards intelligence and electrification, the market landscape is undergoing transformation.
So, how will JAECOO narrate its "From Classic, Beyond Classic" story amidst such market shifts?


Off-Road Performance, Synchronized with the Classics
The essence of off-roading lies in technology R&D, supply chain systems, and manufacturing systems. JAECOO, built on a solid foundation of industry and technological accumulation, inherits the hardcore performance of classic off-roading and breaks through the boundaries of intelligent technology, thereby achieving product efficiency and brand reputation fission.
From this perspective, JAECOO may seem youthful, but its core strength is profoundly deep. JAECOO's parent company boasts over a decade of luxury brand joint venture history and decades of automotive production experience. Mature and substantial R&D, manufacturing, and operational experience form the foundation of JAECOO's confidence to claim its "From Classic" origin.
In off-road performance, where technical prowess is most tested, JAECOO has developed a new off-road technology scheme, the ARDIS All-Terrain Intelligence System, benchmarking classic off-road technology. JAECOO's unique vector four-wheel drive control system, adaptable to varying road conditions, dynamically allocates and adjusts rear wheel torque, enhancing vehicle stability, safety, and comfort, while significantly boosting off-road and extrication capabilities.
Moreover, JAECOO's four-wheel-drive models will come standard with seven driving modes. Through deep integration with the four-wheel-drive system, intelligent wire-controlled brake system, electronic steering system, engine, and transmission, these modes empower the vehicle to easily handle urban commuting and special road conditions like sand, mud, and snow, providing an ultimate all-terrain driving experience.
Of course, off-roading demands respect, and safety is an eternal theme. In terms of safety, all JAECOO models are built to global five-star safety standards. Innovative energy-absorbing cage-like body designs, extensive use of high-strength steel, and leading-class ADAS systems collectively forge a comprehensive safety protection system, ensuring complete passenger safety. In terms of passability indicators like approach angle, departure angle, ground clearance, and wading depth, JAECOO rivals classic off-road models, endowing its entire lineup with formidable extrication capabilities and crossing performance.
Additionally, in design, JAECOO's inaugural model J7 also interprets the aesthetic language of "From Classic, Beyond Classic." The vehicle's overall lines are firm and straight, with a robust and square silhouette, and the interior features an industrial minimalist style. Every detail reflects the mastery of design. Beyond the classic, the J7 introduces extensive innovations, including more refined detailing, popular split headlight designs, floating roofs, and concealed door handles, setting a new aesthetic benchmark for off-road SUVs.


Intelligence Technology: Surpassing the Classic
Following an old map will never lead to new lands. For JAECOO, having merely the "From Classic" off-road genes and masterful design is insufficient. The pivotal question for JAECOO is how to propel intelligent product innovation to meet the demands of a new era and penetrate fresh market segments. This challenge is the starting point for JAECOO's philosophy of "Beyond Classic."
Born in China's rapidly developing market of automotive intelligence and electrification, JAECOO naturally harbors more forward-thinking approaches in intelligence compared to traditional classic off-road brands. JAECOO consistently aims to make off-roading more intuitive through intelligent advancement. In this vein, JAECOO has made significant strides in smart cockpits and intelligent driving assistance, achieving breakthroughs in these domains.
A key feature across all models is the industry-leading 8155 chip, utilizing a 7-nanometer process technology capable of performing up to 8 trillion operations per second. This allows for rapid 2-second boot-ups and efficient handling of over 20 commands in 30 seconds, endowing JAECOO's intelligent cockpit with superior response speed, smoothness, and decision-making capabilities.
Moreover, JAECOO's comprehensive ADAS intelligent driving assistance system pioneers nearly 20 smart driving functions in the off-road realm, maximizing intelligence in both active and passive safety features. This innovation provides users with a transformative experience from "smart enjoyment" to "intelligent driving."
JAECOO also comes standard with amenities rarely found in traditional off-road models, such as an expansive panoramic screen, a full LCD dashboard, and a new HUD head-up display. The convenient and fluid operating system, coupled with multi-screen interactive modalities, undoubtedly delivers a superior intelligent experience. Additionally, the 540° panoramic imaging enables easy access to surrounding and undercarriage road conditions, allowing users to "drive with ease and off-road without worry."
It's fair to say that the off-roading landscape, previously dominated by brand loyalty and mechanical proficiency, is being restructured through JAECOO's multidimensional exploration of intelligence "Beyond Classic."

Pioneering a Boundless Off-Road Lifestyle
In response to the rising urban elite in the off-road market, JAECOO constantly asks, "What exactly does this group need in a product?" The answer lies in penetrating niche markets with a stance of "From Classic, Beyond Classic," capturing more market opportunities with products that combine off-road performance and intelligent experience.
Compared to the old aristocracy, the new elite are younger, pursuing quality of life and wishing to express their taste through unique products. For them, off-roading transcends its traditional confines, becoming a lifestyle choice. This is precisely why JAECOO holds an appeal far beyond the classic for the new elite.
On one hand, JAECOO understands that to truly craft an off-road lifestyle, merely having a car is not enough. A culture and brand ecosystem centered around the vehicle are necessary to provide users with a deeper sense of value and broader imagination.Thus, JAECOO has deeply invested in its brand ecosystem. During its recent global user ecology co-creation conference, JAECOO, aligning with the life philosophy of the new elite, broke the boundaries of off-road living. It showcased a variety of ecosystem products such as tents, jackets, and golf bags, successfully establishing a brand ecosystem that goes "beyond the car."
As the brand's reach continually expands and transcends boundaries, JAECOO is set to cover a wider spectrum of user needs and vehicle usage scenarios. The brand aims to establish strong connections with successive waves of customers, thereby continually sharpening its brand image.
On another front, as an emerging off-road brand tailored for the new elite, JAECOO is undoubtedly the epitome of urban off-road SUVs. It far surpasses the classics in terms of product iteration, technological innovation, user experience, electrification strategy, and user ecosystem, especially in new energy technologies like platform architecture and intelligent ecosystems. JAECOO is more adept at meeting the evolving demands of the era than traditional off-road vehicles.
In summary, the "From Classic" off-road genealogy, the over two decades of manufacturing process of its parent company, and the reciprocal journey with its users, endow JAECOO with the resilience for "Beyond Classic" sustainable development and the capability to evolve with the times.
Standing at the juncture of old and new, consumers are no longer blindly faithful to brand myths. Newcomers like JAECOO, embodying both classic performance and innovative strength, are the embodiment of the spirit and soul of off-road SUVs. It is believed that as JAECOO vies for global off-road market supremacy, this "From Classic" brand will use its own strength to continue writing its "Beyond Classic" narrative