Beating the Costs of Vehicle OwnershipThe numbers can be staggering but, hey, Changan Vital 5 has your back.


Yes, investing in your own car is a smart and rewarding move. But, to fully enjoy the benefits, know that the expenses don’t end with the down payment. For the next five years and beyond, you need to plan for recurring costs, like the monthly auto loan amortization, annual LTO registration fees, fuel (yes, fuel!), parking fees, car insurance premium, toll fees, and car repair and maintenance.

Mindful planning will help you cope. Start with your choice of vehicle. It must suit your lifestyle, needs, and budget. A fuel-efficient car is a major peso-saver. You can take advantage of dealership promotions which range from friendly financing options to LTO fees, from car insurance coverage to other freebies. Getting the right insurance coverage likewise helps.

However, practicing proper car maintenance and responsible driving ease a good number of ownership concerns.

For proud Changan owners, the new Changan Vital 5 Plus after-sales program, has your back from Day 1.

Changan’s 5-Year or 150,000km Warranty (whichever comes first) for the first three years (or 100,000 km) covers important parts that are usually overlooked in other basic offers, like painting and rubber parts.

With Changan Fastlane, two certified Changan technicians simultaneously service your vehicle in 60 minutes flat or it’s FREE!

Changan Veloservice is the first in the industry to boldly guarantee 100% availability of PMS parts or you get them for Free.

Changan Pace-setter provides three years of 24/7 care, including RSA towing service and new benefits--acts of nature, personal, and medical assistance. Just dial its 24/7 hotline, (02) 84594767.

And, with Changan Chat, Changan’s Artificial Intelligence Agent (CAIA), will quickly connect you to a team of technicians and parts experts for ‘round-the-clock assistance.

Changan Vital 5 Plus is also designed to offer, not only one of the lowest ownership costs in the industry but also the most convenient PMS—every six months or 10,000 km, whichever comes first--at standardized prices across all Changan dealerships.

Check out the PMS price matrix for Changan’s roster of best-sellers.