ACMobility, BYD, BPI Tokyo Century, and Diamond Rent-a-Car
Accelerate EV Opportunities

The public may now rent or lease a BYD Atto 3 to get firsthand experience before deciding to switch to an electric vehicle. 


BPI Tokyo Century Rental Corporation (BPITCRC) has acquired a BYD Atto 3 electric crossover from BYD Cars Philippines. The popular electric vehicle may now be rented or leased through Diamond Rent-a-Car, BPITCRC’s car rental and leasing arm, and one of the largest car rental companies in the Philippines.

The collaboration agreement between BYD Cars Philippines and BPITCRC signifies the electric vehicle brand’s engagement in the EV leasing business while supporting both companies' Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives.

Both companies will jointly develop programs to synergize their sustainability initiatives further.

“We believe the experience of driving a BYD electric vehicle is essential to building a knowledge-driven market,” shares Jaime Alfonso Zobel de Ayala, CEO of ACMobility. ACMobility is Ayala Corporation’s end-to-end mobility provider, encompassing automotive retail and distribution, infrastructure, digital platforms, and services. ACMobility currently serves as the Philippine distributor of BYD passenger cars.

“Introducing innovation and technology is always challenging, especially when they are as groundbreaking as BYD’s electric vehicles. ACMobility, through BYD Cars Philippines, has partnered with BPI Tokyo Century to make access to BYD’s technologically superior, feature-rich, and safe electric vehicles easier for the public. The more people are aware of the virtues and rewards of sustainable mobility through electric vehicles, and the more they experience the ACMobility charging ecosystem firsthand, the easier it will be for us to progress towards an all-electric mobility future,” adds Zobel.

“BPITCRC’s partnership with BYD is a significant milestone in the car rental industry,” says Satoshi Matsuo, president and CEO of BPI Tokyo Century Rental Corporation.

“AC Mobility will provide a very attractive unit of BYD EV. BPI Tokyo Century will provide auto lease and Diamond Rent-a-Car will provide car rental service. I believe that the EV Rent-a-Car experience for both individuals and corporations will push customers to choose BYD electric vehicles. Once you drive BYD EV, you will be fascinated by the comfortable experience. Further, this will also contribute to the Environmental, Social, and Governance initiatives of corporate clients. We will definitely accelerate the expansion of our business and further build a better Philippines with BYD and AC Mobility,” adds Matsuo.

Diamond Rent-a-Car Managing Director Quincy Buenaflor discussed the emerging partnership, stating, “I know this is only one unit right now, but it signifies the first of many EVs in our fleet, and it represents the bright future that holds for this strategic alliance between AC Mobility, BPI Tokyo Century and, Diamond Rent-a-Car.”


Tokyo Century Corporation
Established in 1969, Tokyo Century Corporation is a leading Japanese leasing and financing company with a network of over 30 countries and regions worldwide.

In October 2016, the company name was changed to Tokyo Century Corporation from Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation to reflect the company's commitment to developing a wide range of businesses as a distinctive and highly specialized financial services company and further evolving into an operating company that provides a wide range of services beyond finance.

Expanding horizons
In December 2014, the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), one of the country's largest financial institutions, and Tokyo Century Corporation (TC) announced a joint venture to serve the growing leasing and financing requirements in the Philippines.

With TC acquiring 49% of the shares of the former BPI Leasing Corporation, BPI Century Tokyo Lease & Finance Corp. (BPICTLFC), and its subsidiary, BPI Tokyo Century Rental Corporation (BPITCRC), were formed.

The joint venture has been majority-owned by Tokyo Century Corporation since 2020, optimizing the value of TC's expertise in operating leases and other commercial transactions while capitalizing on BPI's customer base.

BPITCRC and Diamond IGB, Incorporated, more popularly known as Diamond Rent-a-Car, entered a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on March 28, 2023. Both parties formed a business alliance in preparation for share acquisition.

The public may now contact Diamond Rent-a-Car at +632 88211081, or via email at moc.racatner-dnomaid%40snoitavreser to book a short-term rental for the BYD Atto 3.